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B.E.S.T. (Burgos English School Teachers)

Following the international importance that the Fossano Musica Foundation is assuming, attracting with increasing frequency foreign artists and musicians, a series of English courses have been proposed for some years now, held by qualified and native speakers who take place from October to June of each school year. A new educational tool that we offer to our students and to all those interested, of any age, who wish to use this service.

The courses will be articulated on different levels and aimed at both beginners and those who, despite having a decent command of the language, want to deepen their preparation for school, work or travel abroad. All the lessons will address and perfect the four language skills of "General English" (reading, writing, listening and speaking), except for the courses for children up to 6 years who will exclusively deepen the two oral skills. All groups will be trained according to level and age and will not exceed 4 members.

English for children

Our courses for children (pre-school age) are based on learning developed through play. The use of playful materials, drawings, songs, allows you to teach the language to children in a fun and creative way.

Example of activity:

  • Age 4-6 years, kindergarten (three years to be evaluated according to the child)
  • Participants: small groups of up to 4 children
  • Lesson duration: 45 min. (only in English)
  • Program: reading fairy tales, listening to nursery rhymes and songs aimed at learning new vocabulary, introduction to the alphabet through the use of flashcards, lessons dedicated to holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Father’s Day, Easter, etc.)

Courses for elementary, middle and higher

This course aims to be a valid support for students from the Primary School to the University, deepening the work done during the school year, with particular attention to testing and preparation for school exams and educational debts.

Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Flyers - Movers - Starters

Primary School Exams KET A1 - A2

PET Secondary School Exams B1 - B2 - FCE B2 - C1 - CAE C1 - C2

Secondary School Exams PROFICIENCY C2 - IELTS

Exam required for University and work abroad

The work will be customized according to the needs of the student, with the aim of reaching the standards required by the Common European Framework for each exam, adding hours of grammar to moments of conversation.

Conversation only

This course is structured for those who have a decent knowledge of the language but want to deepen it. Lessons will be taught by a mother tongue teacher.

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