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Classic music

The Department of Classical Music comprises all instrumental and singing courses and all related complementary activities. For all courses it will be possible to follow the pre-academic or academic path, with programs similar to university, or independent (amateur) based on programs prepared ad hoc by the teacher based on the attitude, expectations and learning times of the student.

All the main courses include the possibility to follow the various complementary activities, both theoretical and ensemble music. The teacher will direct the student towards the activities considered most useful and suitable according to the level of the student. 

The school strongly believes that the basis of a good learning is a reasoned and conscious choice. For this reason the student is accompanied to know the educational activities of the school by booking a free trial lesson through which it will be possible to know the teachers and evaluate together the correct path of studies to be undertaken.

During the training will be created various opportunities for public performances, as a natural development of the musical/ artistic path highly professionalizing personal.

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