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The ZERODODICI Department traces a detailed and progressive musical/instrumental education path that aims to start the musical practice of beginners, children and teenagers, through shared lessons within small groups (3/4 students maximum) They are age-homogenous and make it possible to lighten the economic burden of households in the initial phase of approaching music.

The educational objectives are achieved through play, imitation, repetition and positive comparison, with a lower burden of individual responsibility to the advantage of a more rewarding result.

To conclude this brief presentation of the department dedicated to young people, in view of the experience gained through years of work in the field, we can say that the lesson shared has an educational value of proven effectiveness, with immediate results in terms of emotional involvement, listening and motivation; it fosters links between pupils and also between their families, which have greater opportunities for support and discussion.

At the end of the ZERODODICI project, the students who intend to continue with the pre-academic training are directed by the teachers towards the basic courses of the school, which provide for individual lessons and the frequency of complementary subjects, both theoretical and ensemble music.

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