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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes, people of any age and cultural background can participate in school courses.
If you have decided to approach the music in an amateur way, it is enough that you have only passion and enthusiasm.
Certainly, the school also offers courses that follow a professional (academic) path, for students who wish to study to obtain a degree or who need to improve.
School courses start on the first Monday of October, enrolments are open all year round.
I’m in Fossano, Bra and Ceva.
They are individual and personalized according to the musical needs of the student.
The duration of each lesson can vary from a minimum of thirty up to a maximum of one hundred and twenty minutes, compatible with the program agreed by the student with the teacher.
Based on your expectations, the student has the possibility to choose between a modern/jazz course and a classic one.
They are decided together by the student and the teacher in accordance with the commitments of both.
The school is open from Monday to Friday morning, afternoon and evening (some evenings until 23), Saturday morning and afternoon and some Sundays.
By notifying the teacher in time it is possible to agree on any recoveries.
The teachers are all graduates in Conservatory or in a legally recognized School, with a concert activity and a teaching experience now many years.
Absolutely not, the school offers specific courses specifically designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10.
No. Indeed, music for many people no longer very young can be, as well as a company, also a means to resume exercising intellectual functions perhaps long neglected.
It can be one, two or three lessons per week, or even only two lessons per month.
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