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Organization Events

The school, in addition to providing training in the field of music, uses its professionalism and the experience acquired over time for the organization of events with musical spaces.

This activity consists in the management of projects aimed at the creation and development of events on behalf of third parties, both cultural and celebratory.

Over time this aspect has been enhanced, so as to allow the FFM to be known in different contexts and places, collaborating with Confindustria di Cuneo, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Ascom Fossano and Bra, Banca Alpi Marittime, Terre dei Savoia, in addition to the cultural projects carried out with various municipalities and other institutions of the regional territory.

Fondazione Fossano Musica plans the event with the partners involved, keeping in mind the target audience, the location, the logistical aspect and coordinates all the technical aspects finalized to the realization; all guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

This activity is also an excellent tool of motivation and enhancement of professionals who work for years within the school.

The aim is therefore to create an exchange relationship with the territory, with public and private bodies, but also to create an opportunity to recognize and enhance the great artistic professionalism of the staff of FFM.

In this regard, FFM has developed a place reservation system for all kinds of events.

Through this service, also available to third parties who request it, users will have access to the details of the event and if interested in booking seats by choosing them directly on an interactive map. The flow ends with the online purchase (if paid).

Outsiders can request access to this service and create their own events through a special reserved area.


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