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Organizational structure

Organisational structure


M° BRIGNONE Gianpiero

Born in Mondovì in 1968, he graduated in 1990 from the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Turin. Since 1991 he has taught the brass class of the Musical Institute "V. Baravalle" in Fossano where he has trained students now successfully inserted in the world of work (Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano and Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino). He attended the course of high musical perfection at the Filarmonici of Saluzzo studying with Branimir Slokar and Floriano Rosini. From 1992 he studied privately with Joe Burnam. He travels to the United States almost constantly to perfect the study of the technique and the trombonistic interpretation with internationally renowned masters such as Arnold Jacobs (bass tuba of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Charles Vernon (bass trombone of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Dee Stewart (lecturer at Indiana University), and Joseph Alessi (first trombone of the New York Philharmonic). He collaborates as first trombone, trombone soloist and trombone in a row with the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, with the Orchestra del Teatro Regio di Torino and with the Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino with which he has participated, among other things, in recording recordings, and television broadcasts (some editions by Pavarotti & Friends, Concerto in Vaticano), "Arturo Toscanini" Philharmonic Orchestra of Parma, with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, 'Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi di Milano and with the Teatro alla Scala Philharmonic Choir, collaborating with Masters of international level including C.M. Giulini, G. Sinopoli, E. Inbal, G. Pretre, S. Bychkov, Z. Mehta, C. Abbado, L. Maazel, M. Rostropovich. In addition to the Italian one with C. Baglioni takes part in tours with the orchestras previously mentioned in Asia, South America, Europe. Since 1995 he has been the organizer of the Italian edition of the International Trombone Camp, to which he has invited the following artists: Jared Rodin (professor at Indianapolis University), Michael Mulcahy (second trombone Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Joseph Alessi (first trombone at the New York Philharmonic and lecturer at the Juilliard School), Charlie Vernon (bass trombone of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Ronald Barron (first trombone Boston Symphony Orchestra), Jay Freedman, Michael Mulcahy, Charles Vernon (full section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra). Since June 2001 he has been invited by the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino to play the role of first trombone, and also in the autumn of the same year he was appointed Artistic Director of the School of Music "Arrigo Boito" of Fossano. Sincea.s. 1999/2000 he is Director of the Musical Institute "V. Baravalle" and sincea.s. 2011/2012 he is Director of the Fossano Musica Foundation, of which the Musical Institute "V. Baravalle" has become part. He is a member of the Decimino di Ottoni and the Wind-Orchestra Fiatinsieme of Turin and is part of the Provincial Artistic Council of ANBIMA for the province of Cuneo.


School Music Manager

Prof. Ugo Fea

He graduated in Guitar in 1985 and in Didactics of Music in 1994 at the Conservatory "Ghedini" in Cuneo, since 1986 he teaches Guitar in the Secondary Schools in musical address of Cuneo (1986-1988) and Fossano where he is Coordinator of the Course in Musical address since 1990.

In the first part of his musical life he played with the Italian Guitar Ensemble directed by Paolo Manzo and in the Fandango Guitar Quartet in over one hundred concerts; he won prizes in ten national and international competitions; has participated in over forty refresher courses on musical and instrumental teaching and has recorded two discs with the Guitar Ensemble dedicated to contemporary music.

In the school context:

  • has collaborated with the Ministry of Education for the programmatic indications contained in the last decree on the Medium musical address for the specialty Guitar (D.M 6 August 1999);
  • was a member of the Siem National Commission for Music Schools;
  • has been part of the provincial coordination of Cuneo for secondary schools with music, collaborating actively for the opening of the first schools in the province of Cuneo (Fossano, Savigliano, Bra);
  • has developed a methodological approach to the guitar divided into 6 volumes (both as a soloist and as an ensemble) for middle and high schools;
  • is working on a new approach for elementary schools based almost exclusively on ensemble music for small groups;
  • since 2011 he has been responsible for the projects "Music in Schools" of the Fossano Musica Foundation;
  • since 2012 it has been the reference point within the Piedmont Region, of the Provincial Network of Secondary Schools with musical orientation of the province of Cuneo;
  • in recent years his students have won about 300 awards in various Music Competitions in all formations, from the soloist to the small group, from the ensemble of guitars to the orchestral group of the Scuola Media with musical address of Fossano and in many cases got the Special Mention for the high musical level demonstrated by his students.

Administrative Secretariat

Federica Arese

I grew up in a small village in the union of the municipalities of Fossanese, Sant'Antonino di Salmour. Over the years I did some summer jobs such as school internships in some offices, the maid when I went to the beach and the saleswoman. I work at the Fossano Musica Foundation since 2019, I started after graduating from the technical high school I.I.S. Vallauri di Fossano at the Administration, Finance and Marketing, so I mainly deal with the accounting and administrative part of the school, supporting colleagues also in the secretarial part. I am not a musician but one of my passions is listening to music, so I feel lucky to work every day in contact with it. I also really like to dance, in fact, for a few years I took modern dance courses and then Latin dances. On the cultural level I cannot but thank my parents who have always tried to make me and my brothers open-minded, taking us with them on some trips like Thailand and Sri Lanka to be able to "touch" with our hands social differences, religious, political and even musical.


Alice Botta

Born in 1999, I graduated in tourism at the technical college I.I.S. Vallauri di Fossano. In the years of high school I have carried out formative internships in travel agencies and to the tourist office of Fossano. During the last year of high school I applied for the Master of Talents competition, funded by the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, and I won a three-month internship in Vence (France) at the city’s tourist office. There I carried out both office activities and front office and reception groups. Also in the field of foreign languages, I participated in a study-stay organized by the company EF in Malaga in Spain in summer 2019. Since 2018 I am part of the staff of the Fossano Musica Foundation, I am responsible for the educational secretariat. I move from one activity to another, always maintaining strong concentration and determination. I am not a musician but, working in the world of FFM, I can only consider myself lucky: I am surrounded all day by music, people who cultivate their passions and positivity.

Projects and events

Mattia Biato

I was born in Alba, in 1993 and I graduated in graphics at the artistic high school Pinot Gallizio. In the early years of high school, I attended a concert in a small club in the city and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed, I thought only "me too". Soon I received my first bass and I started taking private lessons in Alba. After a couple of years I met Francesco Bertone and since 2012 I started studying and attending the Fossano Musica Foundation. The encounter with Francis was a revelation from a musical point of view, a new world. Thanks to him I became passionate about funk music, disco, etc. After the trades furthest from my studies (bartender, plumber, warehouseman, instructor and finally credit recovery) from April 2017 I started working at the Fossano Musica Foundation. Initially I was mainly responsible for secretarial, and then I finally moved to graphics. In recent years I have also started to deal with the technical and artistic aspect of the school, setting up and managing the events of the students (and not only), continuing to take care of the image of the school. 



The teaching staff consists of musicians with academic qualifications or musicians recognized as "of clear fame", for those teachings that currently do not provide an academic title. The complete list of teachers and the curriculum of each one is available on this page.

To these are added the teachers of the other institutes whose management is responsible for the Fossano Musica Foundation.

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