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Music that unites, a universal language with which to communicate emotions and feelings.

A language with which, the modern music department starting this year, offers new opportunities and important opportunities.  Changes that see reshape the training offer so as to offer all students the opportunity to interact with other musicians until they consolidate into real bands, under the guidance of our teachers. All students, by registering for their course, will attend individual, group and music lessons together, so they will add 15 hours of attendance to the course chosen at the beginning of the year.  All students will be divided into groups of appropriate level and will work on a repertoire specifically designed for them by the teachers of the FFM. It will also provide all the necessary teaching material (scores, midi files, etc.)

Songwriting, compositional techniques, backing vocals, history of popular music, listening, analysis and transcription, harmony, arrangement and composition, stage presence and workshops of music as a whole, are all subjects that will be addressed in the overall activities. 

Why this? 

Because the FFM is not just an hour of lessons a week with your teacher, but a meeting place for students, a place where opportunities are created, where you learn not only from your teacher, you also learn from the people who attend it. There are too many opportunities that have been taken from us to be together and play in a virtuous context full of professional moments, confrontation and friendship. 

The meetings have already been established and the program can be requested in the secretariat or at the teacher.

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